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What Sets Amica Apart: Brenda's Perspective

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Brenda: Well number one I believe in what we do. And I believe in and I’ll call it the Amica attitude. You know? All of us believe in the company and what it represents and holding those ideals and making sure every customer is treated with the respect we would want to be treated with.

Vince: And you talked about the Amica ideals. If you could use just three words to describe those ideals, what would they be?

Brenda: I would say respect, integrity and ethics.

Vince: That’s great. And you feel that?

Brenda: I feel that every single day.

Vince: You do?

Brenda: It’s my responsibility to not only my job but to my customers to present that, because I’m representing Amica and that to me it’s a big responsibility.