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The need for life insurance: Empty nesting


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Walt: Many people find that once they enter that empty nest stage that for whatever reason, the empty nest gets crowded again. That for whatever reason, one or more of those children might come back to live with you.

Vince: Let’s hope not.

Walt: Let’s hope not. But it happens.

Vince: That could happen.

Walt: It happens.

Vince: Yeah.

Walt: And maybe even with grandchildren.

Vince: That’s true.

Walt: You never know what happens, so to be able to have that life insurance coverage to continue to support them is important. Not only that but also to have life insurance coverage for your spouse.

Vince: True.

Walt: Should the unthinkable happen to you.

Even an empty nest needs to be protected

While financial concerns of empty nesters typically shift to retirement savings, you shouldn’t disregard the need for life insurance at this stage of life. In fact, more than half (55%) of Americans age 50-70 agree that some life insurance is needed even after the kids leave home and the mortgage is paid off.¹

While the kids may be out of the home, you may find that you still need to provide financial support to them, your grandchildren, or your parents. Also, if you’re still working and have a mortgage, you’ll want to help ensure a comfortable lifestyle for your spouse in the event of your death.

The term policies you purchased earlier in your life may be expiring soon. Converting some of your term insurance to whole life or obtaining a new policy to help with getting through retirement and covering final expenses is a great idea to help protect the ones you care about most.

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12015 Amica Life Financial Peace of Mind Survey
2A.M. Best Company. Feb. 18, 2016. A+ is the second highest of 15 possible ratings. For the latest rating, access ambest.com.